Swany TS-31L Womens Supreme Mitt

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SWANNY SUPREME TOUCH SCREEN MITTEN FOR LadiesWarmth of a mitt, flexibility of a glove. For customers who want the warmth of a mitt, but the freedom of a glove, Swany created TOASTER CONSTRUCTION MITTS. The mitts combine a glove within a mitt and a zipper opening, which allows the user to slide their hand out of the mitt. The customer gets warmth and dexterity. The side zipper also is ideal for inserting heat packs and for ventilation in milder conditions. Some consumers erroneously believe that having a glove inside the mitt will reduce its effectiveness. The easiest way to explain the situation is to remind them that while it is true that the fingers share warmth, they also share moisture, and moist skin loses heat much faster than dry skin. The gloves inside the mitts wick moisture away from the skin to increase warmth and comfort. Moreover, the inner gloves are touch screen compatible. Outer shell generates heat through absorption of visible and infrared rays from the sun. Also reflects wearers infrared rays back to the hand. WHY SWANY? Many consumers recognize Swany as the premier brand for high quality snowsport hand wear around the world. The many people who have already tried Swany gloves are generally happy to invest in another pair. Swany is both the brand and the factory. Owning its own factories and specializing in hand wear, Swany is able to make gloves that fit better, work better, and last longer. By making superior products, Swany has grown into the second largest manufacturer of dress, sport, and casual gloves on the planet with current production exceeding 12 million pair per year.SWANY – WISHING YOU WARM HANDS AND PERFECT SNOW!

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In which, the product-range from the well-known allows you to opt for the Swany TS-31L Womens Supreme Mitt to each taste plus budget (both cheap and even premium-class) getting together with the highest criteria.


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