Swany Junior Ollie Mitt

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Swany Junior Ollie Mitt Description

SWANY JUNIOR OLLIE MITTS Keeping the hands warm and comfortable is crucial to enjoying winter activities. Swany is constantly seeking new and better ways to increase the functionality and comfort of winter hand wear. For people seeking maximum warmth, mitts are the obvious choice. Most consumers already know that mitts are warmer than gloves, but not all of them understand why. The commonly held belief is that because the fingers are together, they share warmth. This is only part of the story. The more scientific answer is that mitts are warmer than gloves because mitts have less surface area than gloves. This translates to less convective and radiant heat loss. Mitts also have fewer seams than gloves. Less seams means less heat loss.

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In which, the product-range from the well-known allows you to opt for the Swany Junior Ollie Mitt to each taste plus budget (both cheap and even premium-class) getting together with the highest criteria.


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