IVKO Floral Pattern Pullwarmers, Marine and Camel

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IVKO Floral Pattern Pullwarmers, Marine and Camel Description

Refreshing and amusing pull warmers will be just like a piece of jewelry on extremely cold days. Designed and made in Serbia, IVKO fashion offers unique styles for the classical and contemporary woman. Pullwarmers are the freshest fashion statement for accessorizing! Designed for comfy warmth, IVKO pullwarmers’ tapestries of luscious colors and patterns will add a special flair to any outfit. IVKO pullwarmers are gorgeous gauntlets that will keep the wearer warm and fashionable in any season. Wear them indoors to keep your hands warm and fingers free while you are on the phone, typing, or reading. Outdoors they can be worn on their own or over gloves while walking the dog, jogging, cycling, or any other outdoor activity that you would like to complete in style. These lovely fingerless gloves are made from the 100% cotton in Belgrade, Serbia. IVKO’s beautiful pullwarmers are especially created so One-Size-Fits-Most. IVKO pullwarmers should be hand washed and dried on a flat surface. IVKO knits are designed with the active, stylish women in mind. IVKO knits are always created from natural, sustainable fibers; cotton, wool, linen, silk, and other blends; these garments breathe, and keep wearers warm and comfortable in any season. IVKO Woman gathers inspiration from all things beautiful and unique, including Eastern Europe folklore, Moroccan tiles, Old Word art, and the natural world of flowers, birds, and forests.

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