Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf

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Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf Description

Book Scarf is a jersey infinityloop scarf with quotes from the world famous books. If this particular quote is not you favorite then go and check other books from our virtual library. We also have passages from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, DRACULA, PETER PAN, SHERLOCK HOLMES, HAMLET, ROMEO AND JULIET, THE RAVEN, FRANKENSTEIN, DORIAN GRAY, MOTHER’S TRIBUTE. Literati Club 100% USA company with the whole production site in Los Angeles, California. MORE DETAILS. * Infinity/loop scarf. Infinity scarf is like a loop, circle, its ends were sewn together (straight scarf is just a regular scarf that looks basically like a rectangle). * Fabric is a heavy sweatshirttshirt jersey quality. Fabric is super soft and comfy. * Finished edges (fabric folded in half lengthwise and sewn at the bottom and in the middle to create a long tube). * Quote printed 4 times (two times on each side) with some spaces in between. * Measures: 60” (150-153 cm) inches around and 14′-15′ (36-38 cm) inches widearound the neck. * Comes with a stylish reusable zippered pouch which can be used as a storage for many things like cosmetics, small toiletry for travel, stationery etc. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash (warm water), dry flat. Warm iron if needed. Do not iron directly on print, put a cloth between iron and print. HOW TO WEAR IT. The Turtleneck: Loop the scarf around your neck twice, then pull down on one loop so that the top loop hugs your neck. The Fat Loop: Hold both ends of the scarf, wrap the scarf around your neck, then loop one end through the other open end of the scarf but don’t pull it all the way through. The Hood: Loop the scarf around your neck, twist it into another loop and place over your head. The Double Loop: Loop the scarf around your head, twist, then loop again.

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