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History of edTPA Minnesota

In 2011, the Minnesota legislature enacted a law requiring teacher preparation programs to include a Board of Teaching-approved performance assessment as part of the required steps in teacher preparation. But the state’s educational community had been grappling with the issue long before that.

In 2009, the Minnesota Board of Teaching and the Minnesota Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (MACTE) began discussing how to include performance assessment in the state’s accreditation system for teacher preparation programs. As part of that process, Minnesota joined institutions across the nation as Stanford University and leading education experts developed and then piloted edTPA™.

In the fall of 2010, before the legislature placed the performance assessment requirement in law, the Minnesota Board of Teaching and MACTE conducted the first TPA Implementation Summit, established a TPA Steering Committee and then hired a TPA coordinator using grant funds provided by the Bush Foundation.

After the new law was enacted, the Minnesota Board of Teaching formally adopted edTPA in 2011 as the statewide performance assessment tool that would be used to meet the state requirement within the new accreditation process.

In 2012, the Minnesota legislature asked the Minnesota Board of Teaching for recommendations “for eliminating lower-priority tests or assessments to offset the additional fees charged to students for the teacher performance assessment.” In response to the 2012 law and in collaboration with the edTPA Steering Committee, the Board has developed a timeline for the possible phasing out of other required tests for teacher candidates.

As part of an implementation process to gain experience, all 31 Minnesota institutions of higher education began requiring their teacher candidates to complete the edTPA process starting with the 2012-13 academic year.