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edTPA™ is a new step within Minnesota’s existing pathways to initial teacher licensure. It is an assessment process that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate the skills needed to enter the classroom ready to teach and help all students learn.

edTPA will ask teacher candidates to demonstrate that they know their subject and have the skills to teach it to students with different learning needs. edTPA requires candidates to use teaching materials (e.g. lesson plans, assignments, video and classroom assessments of learning) to evaluate their teaching and student learning. It is the missing piece in Minnesota’s pathway to licensure that will provide a more complete assessment of a teacher candidate’s readiness to begin teaching.

edTPA also provides research-based, common expectations for colleges and universities about what should be expected of teacher candidates in planning for instruction, delivering instruction, assessing learning, analyzing the impact of their teaching and supporting students’ academic language development. While edTPA is a new teacher licensing program requirement, teacher preparation programs continue to have freedom to determine how they prepare candidates leading up to edTPA.

Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, all 31 Minnesota institutions of higher education will require their teacher candidates to complete the edTPA process. As a “real world” assessment, each teacher candidate will work with licensed teachers in Minnesota classrooms as they complete the edTPA Minnesota process.